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In this age of competition, the need for respectable and glamorous jobs are being felt by the youth. In the absence of proper guidance, highly qualified candidates are facing various difficulties in achieving prestigious employment. So today’s youth is looking for job sectors which are attractive also which has a great potential for employment. Civil aviation is such a sunshine sector and if proper career guidance is given, it can prove to be a miracle for young people.

As people across the globe continue to fall in love with travel, demand for qualified pilots is skyrocketing.This job require a person to be communicative, responsible, spontaneous, and patient enough to handle passengers and their concerns.This is a challenging job which demands hard workquick decision making skills, and cool calculative mind to face any crisis.

            Commercial pilots have the world’s best job in terms of pay and allowances, job security and social status. Aviation has fascinated the youth since beginning because pursuing a career in the Aviation industry is not only one of the most lucrative options but also among the most reputable professions.While commercial pilot’s job is full of responsibility and discipline, there are a lot of advantages that come with it. You get to fly to worldwide destinations, explore places, cultures, and people.The recent economic liberalization policies in India and the progress in tourism has resulted in the employment opportunities in aviation sector rising incredibly. Regional flights along with national and international flights have also become the need of the hour due to exponential rise in air travel. Below are some important information regarding flying/Pilot training.

        Professional pilot training is done in three phases.

  1. Student Pilot License (SPL),
  2. Private Pilot License (PPL) and
  3. Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

      A student pilot license (SPL) exam is conducted almost every month by accredited flying training institutes in the country for admission to professional pilot training. In addition to Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, Air regulations, Specific Aircraft, questions related to aircraft flight principles are also asked. In order to participate in this examination, enrolment in the concerned institute is mandatory at least 45 days before the exam.

        To start training to get SPL the minimum age of the candidate should be 16 years and a pass in class 10 is required. However, the applicant’s age at the time of receipt of the PPL should be 17 years and a pass in class 10 is required, for CPL it is 18 years and a pass in class 12 with mathematics and physics in the curriculum. Students who have done 10+2 without physics and mathematics can pass both subjects from open school (NIOS) or any other educational board. In addition, the student must also have a good knowledge of the English language.

In some institutes, there is an entrance test conducted for the candidates to get admission in the PPL and CPL courses. The test is basically based on subjects such as Physics, Mathematics, Reasoning, General Knowledge and English.

Ways to Become a Commercial Pilot

This is the most important point here as most candidates don’t know how to join CPL course. Till 2008 the only way to join CPL was to get registered first in some DGCA approved Flying training organisation or Flying club.

Now the latest and easiest way is to clear DGCA papers first by self-study or by joining some private coaching centre. Simultaneously get your class 1 and 2 medicals done without joining an FTO.

Once you have cleared your DGCA papers and medical examination, you are all set to start your flying.

Other qualifications

       Prior to starting the training, it is compulsory to get police verification done from the concerned Police Station, verification of educational certificates from the concerned Education Board and the medical qualifying certificate from the doctor approved by the Director General of Civil Aviation.

Flying Experience

        There is no need of any flying experience for getting the SPL license. The minimum flying requirement for getting PPL is 40 hours of flying which must include 20 hours of solo flying and 5 hours of cross-country flying. The minimum flying requirement for the issue of CPL is 200 hours of flying experience, which must include a minimum of 100 hours of solo flying and 50-hour cross country flying.

Training expenses

            PPL allows a pilot to fly private category aircraft and having a CPL license allows a pilot to fly commercial aircrafts.The Commercial Pilot’s career is very attractive and prestigious but the course is very expensive. Commercial Pilot course is of around 15 month’sduration and it costs 28 to 35 lakhs INR approximately including Multi-engine endorsement.

This cost is provided on the basis of 190 or 200hours on single engine aircraft and 10 hours on multi engine aircraft. The course fee may vary on different factors such as flying hours, food, accommodation etc.Considering the attractive package of Pilot (1.70 to 8 lakhs per month), this amount (28 to 35 lakhs) is hardly more than 18 month’s salary.

For CPL, almost all banks provide loans in the name of higher education, the Central Government and concerned State Governments also give scholarships. 

Employment prospects

      As far as employment is concerned in this sector, upon getting the commercial pilot license, the trainee can apply in any national or international airlines, Aviation institutes, Air charter services, air force, Army, Coast guard, Central and State Governments.

            Speaking of prospects, second decade will not be an exaggeration to introduce the term of the golden age in the aviation sector. In the last 7 years in India, the number of different national international airlines has increased by almost 4 times, the number of aircraft is getting a surprising increase, in simple terms, at least 5 aircraft are being purchased every week in India. It is also important to mention here that last 5 years has brought the gift of new regional air lines like Air Odisha, True Jet, Fly Easy, Zoom Air, Quick Jet Cargo Airlines, and Air Carnival, Vistara, Air Asia. The booking of over 1000 new aircraft by various airlines is also a historic event in itself. Thus, at least 10,000 new pilots are required in India in the coming 3 years.

Want to become a Pilot?

Eligibility Criteria
Age Qualification  Medical Fitness Cost of Training
Not less than 16 years. 10+2 with Physics and Mathematics. Certificate of medical fitness 22 to 30 lakhs in India or Abroad